Dan Dart

Picture of me

Hi, I'm Dan Dart. I am a software engineer, sysadmin and blogger.

My blog describes my thoughts and latest releases of my projects.

You can contact me via email, twitter, linkedin, or see my github.

This website is not flashy, and is kept to a minimum. "Best viewed in any browser" as they say.


I am a software engineer. I usually code in Javascript these days, and occasionally the odd bit of PHP.

At my previous jobs I've worked with companies like Mitsubishi, Mobile Fun and CANDDi.

Right now I'm the co-founder at Viewex.

For the community

I am part of Durham Free Software Skill-Share

I attend Linux User Groups, where and when I can.

Lately I've attended Tyneside LUG and Durham LUG.

I am a radio ham and my callsign is 2E0ORI (that's not my radio btw). I am also a board member of and can tweet for Angel of the North Amateur Radio Club and secretary of Tyneside Amateur Radio Society. I am also able to update and maintain both sites.


I've given up caffeine, and my preferred alcoholic beverage is probably port.

I enjoy maths, physics and computer science, and some of my favourite YouTube channels are Numberphile and Vsauce.

I was diagnosed with Asperger's and ADHD from a very young age, although I'm slightly less "H" now than I used to be.

I am a collector of hats, and I own a small topper, a lightbulb bowler, a sombrero, a bucket hat and my pope hat for ceremonies (see below).

I like first-person shooters. My favourites are Quake and Sauerbraten.

My favourite GNU/Linux distro at the moment is Debian but my all-time favourite operating system is RISC OS. My opinion on Microsoft products is that they're crap.

I enjoy prog rock, heavy metal, ambient and classical music,and also create my own experimental music (see below).

I also enjoy discordant and nonsensical commentary.

I am a follower of the teachings of Eris and "Bob" (although I am yet to be ordained).


I have created a few pieces of music and a lot of sound effects. Here are a few from my Experimental album I created before 2009 (all CC-BY-SA):

Gothic Orchestra, which I am most proud of so far and enjoy its chords, and has been compared to a demo piece:


Shall It Be: moody ambient noise, for sound effects, game music or incidental:


Swim Deep (take 1): another moody ambient piece, whose effects reminded me of water:


Personal code projects

I have built and run the following projects personally:

Project Chaplin: a free software video sharing system

Omegcli: a CLI for Omegle

Autopache: auto vhost setup for Apache

Bibud: a now-discontinued web-based desktop

DartComm: a communications programme written in Javascript

See my GitHub for other projects.

Code Demos

I am somewhat proud of the following small demos:

Equation Sounds: a demo for sounds generated by equations

Movesic: an attempt to make a webcam theremin

Gravity: a set of gravity simulators

Jammin: a Jamendo streamer

FPS: a set of 3D and wireframe FPS demos written using maths in raw Javascript

Anglo: a silly little wordoid generator

Gwallgofrwydd: a pointless, silly Linux distro

DanOS: a hobby x86 assembler OS

DanOS32: a 32-bit version in order to teach me C

Code cntributions

I have contributed to the following open source project:

DDate: the discordian date tool

Commissioned Coding Work

I have worked on the following websites and projects professionally:

Viewex: increasing ad revenue.

CANDDi: smart web analytics

MobileFun: phones and mobile accessories

Gamingzap: gaming accessories

Gearzap: digital accessories

Rattray Mosaics: Somerset-based mosaic artist

Shepton Mallet Digital Arts Festival

Somerset School of Oriental Healing Arts